3 Days Grace Ted Bruner
Three Days Grace

Outsider  Album  (RCA Records)

  • "The Abyss"    co-writer
  • "Me Against You"   co-writer
Katy Perry Ted Bruner
Katy Perry

One of the Boys  Album  (Capitol Records)

  • "Lost"    co-writer / producer
  • "I Think I'm Ready"    co-writer / producer
My Darkest Days Ted Bruner
My Darkest Days

Self-Titled  Album  (Island/Mercury)

  • "Pornstar Dancing"    co-writer                     -  #1 Rock Single  -
  • "Set it on Fire"    co-writer
  • "Fucked Up Situation"    co-writer
Selena Gomez Ted Bruner
Selena Gomez

Kiss and Tell  Album  (Hollywood Records)

  • "Falling Down"    co-writer / co-producer     -  1st Single  -
  • "Kiss and Tell"    co-writer / co-producer
  • "Stop and Erase"    co-writer / co-producer
  • "Crush"    co-writer / co-producer
Plain White T's Ted Bruner
Plain White T's

Hey There Delilah  Album  (Hollywood Records)

  • "Down the Road"    co-writer
Ted Bruner Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Breakout  (Hollywood Records)

  • "Breakout"    co-writer
3 Days Grace Ted Bruner
Three Days Grace

Human  Album  (RCA Records)

  • "Fallen Angel"    co-writer                              -  4th Single  -
Katy Perry Ted Bruner MTV
Katy Perry

MTV Unplugged EP  (Capitol Records)

  • "Lost"    co-writer
Ted Bruner My Darkest Days
My Darkest Days

Sick & Twisted Affair  (Island/Mercury)

  • "Casual Sex"    co-writer                                - 1st Single -
  • "Sick & Twisted Affair"    co-writer                - 2nd Single -
  • "Again"    co-writer
  • "Rolling Stoned"    co-writer
Ted Bruner Kesha


  • "Aliens Invading"    co-writer / producer
  • "Frenzy"    co-writer / producer
  • "True Love"    co-writer / producer
  • "Lost Weekend"    co-writer
Bowling For Soup Ted Bruner
Bowling For Soup

A Hangover You Don't Deserve  (Jive Records)

  • "Ohio"    co-writer                                          - 3rd Single -
Selena Gomez Ted Bruner For You
Selena Gomez

For You  Album  (Hollywood Records)

  • "Falling Down"    co-writer / co-producer
Hinder Ted Bruner

All American Nightmare  (Universal Records)

  • "Good Life"    co-writer
Jessie James Decker Ted Bruner
Jessie James

Self-Titled  Album  (Island/Mercury Records)

  • "Bullet"    co-writer / co-producer
  • "Girl Next Door"   co-writer / co-producer
Cavo Ted Bruner

Thick as Thieves  Album  (Eleven Seven)

  • "Thick as Thieves"    co-writer                        - 1st Single -
  • "California"    co-writer
  • "Ready to Go"    co-writer
Bebe Rexha Ted Bruner
Bebe Rexha

(Warner Bros)

  • "Lemme Lemme Out"    co-writer
Katy Perry Ted Bruner EP
Katy Perry

Ur So Gay EP  (Capitol Records)

  • "Lost"    co-writer / producer
James Durbin Ted Bruner
James Durbin (American Idol Finalist)

Celebrate  Album  (Wind Up Records)

  • "Celebrate"    co-writer
  • "Children Under the Sun"    co-writer
  • "Real Love"    co-writer
Ted Bruner Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Wizards of Waverly Place  (Disney)

  • "Magic"    co-producer                                   - 1st Single -
Colony Ted Bruner

Siren  Album  (MCA/Universal Records)

  • Entire Album    co-writer
Ted Bruner Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker

Comin Home  Album  (19 Entertainment)

  • "Breakin Your Heart"    co-writer / producer
  • "Diary"    co-writer / producer
  • "Girls Night"    co-writer
Ted Bruner Colony

Who I Wanted to Be  Album  (Beyond Music)

  • Entire Album    co-writer
Delta Goodrem Ted Bruner
Delta Goodrem

(Sony Australia)

  • "Leave You With Love"    co-writer
Ted Bruner The Action Design
The Action Design

(Pop Smear Records)

  • "Landmines"    co-writer
  • "10 Feet of Snow"    co-writer
Marie Digby Ted Bruner
Marie Digby

Unfold  Album  (Hollywood Records)

  • "Spell"    co-writer
  • "Kolewa"    co-writer
  • "Girlfriend"    co-writer
  • "Fool"    co-writer
Natalie Walker Ted Bruner
Natalie Walker

Spark  Album  (Dorado)

  • "Cool Kids"    co-writer / producer
  • "I Found You"    co-writer
  • "Sunday Afternoon"    co-writer
  • "Against The Wall"    co-writer
Baby Mama Ted Bruner
Baby Mama Movie Soundtrack


  • "Welcome to My Party"    co-writer
Rat Race Ted Bruner
Rat Race Movie Soundtrack

(Beyond Music)

  • "Happy"    co-writer